Unsealed Affidavit in Next Gen iPhone Case Reveals Interesting Details

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editor Jason Chen and Brian Hogan – the 21 year old Redwood City resident, who is believed to have sold the iPhone prototype to
. The documents note that Steve Jobs was personally in touch with
editor Brian Lam. In his email, Lam is learned to have made a request for Jobs to officially accept that the prototype was Apple 's.
. In its statement, Apple has contended that
had caused several damages to the iPhone prototype during the period it was under their possession. The damages caused include:
Consequently, Jason Chen, the
The affidavit has also looked into the events that led to the prosecution of Brian Hogan and his accomplice Thomas Warner. The tip-off regarding the involvement of the two seems to have come from their roommate, Katherine Martinson, who was worried that she may be considered an accomplice to the crime since Hogan had used her computer while trying to sync the
prototype. Detailing on the sequence of events that led to the crucial pieces of evidence being retrieved, Detective Matthew Broad writes:
“Hogan stated he wanted to cooperate with the investigation and he told me that he and Warner removed his computer, a thumb drive, a flash card, and the Apple iPhone prototype stickers from his residence… Gilmore (Hogan's girlfriend) subsequently received a call from Warner wherein Warner told her that he left Hogan's computer at the Sequoia Christian Church located on Topaz St, between Harding Avenue and Brewster Avenue in Redwood City… Warner subsequently directed us to a bush located on the north side of Harding Ave at the intersection of Lancaster Way, Redwood City. In the bush, I located a 512 MB Memorex thumb drive and a 1GB Lexar Media compact flash card. I went to the Chevron Gas Station located at 585 Whipple Avenue in Redwood City. I conducted a search of the premises and located the missing Apple prototype sticker in the parking lot near the entrance to the convenience store.”
since that could potentially ruin Gray Powell's career. However, Hogan is noted to have replied, “
Sucks for him. He lost his phone. Shouldn’t have lost his phone
”. Interestingly, Hogan's attorney Jeffrey Bornstein had
that there was nothing wrong in sharing the phone with the tech press.
You may read through the entire 22 page affidavit below. Don't forget to post your views in the comments section.

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