Tawkon In Talks With Apple To Bring Cell Phone Radiation Measurement App To iPhone

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has reported that the application might be under reconsideration. According to Gil Friedlander, the CEO at Tawkon, his team is now in contact with Apple after Cupertino reached out to the company to understand the application better. Friedlander writes:
Apple definitely saw the media and user interest in tawkon. They’ve been very positive about working together with us to open undocumented APIs to get tawkon on the App Store. It’s been quite a ride – through a series of exploratory phone calls and a very productive meeting with Philip Shoemaker [Director of Application Technology] and his team at their Cupertino headquarters.
The iPhone team complimented our app, and we’re now optimistic that we’ll get onto the App Store. Now we just really need to show Apple that people want the opportunity to use their phone responsibly with minimal exposure to radiation when necessary.”
As reported earlier, Tawkon does not offer precise measurements of cell phone radiation. Instead, the application studies various factors like distance from cell phone tower, signal strength, weather condition, terrain, antenna proximity from the body, antenna orientation and travel speed to predict the iPhone 's dynamic Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). This will offer users an educated guess on the level of radiation emitted from the
from any particular location.
The company has recently released their application on the Blackberry platform. You can checkout the demo video of their BlackBerry app below:
also got a chance to speak to Tawkon team on the technology and came back impressed.
very soon.

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