Steve Jobs: Our Motives Are Pure

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According to Tate, he wrote the email after getting annoyed by an Apple commercial that calls the iPad a ”
“. In the email, Tate accuses Apple of stifling freedom and harping on irrelevant technical issues in order to serve the company's business interests.
In his defense, Steve Jobs notes that the
” and drain batteries. Jobs further goes on to note that Apple 's motives are pure and that they are merely building a platform, which they think offers the users an experience they have envisioned.
The entire email conversation between Ryan Tate and Steve Jobs is embedded below. As is evident from the tone of the conversation, Tate is highly critical of Apple 's policies. Refreshingly though, Steve Jobs appears to have taken on a well-balanced approach. Also, as
notes, one of the biggest take-aways from the email exchange is the fact that Apple 's policies are clearly on a path, which the company feels will genuinely lead to a better future. While one may disagree with Apple 's walled-garden approach, Steve Jobs believes that the success of the
is testament to the fact that this is something that customers actually want.
Check out the email conversation below.

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