Steve Jobs On WWDC 2010: You Won’t Be Disappointed

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In one email, a London based iPhone user asked Steve Jobs about his opinion on the Google I/O announcements and if Apple had similar announcements lined up for the as well. In his response, Steve Jobs is noted to have replied, ”
In another email exchange, Steve Jobs was asked to comment on a recent report on
Apple with the launch of Android 2.2 and other products like Google TV. In the article,
“Google's last 18 months have been a period of frantic catchup, in which we saw Android reach feature parity with iPhone OS, the Android Market explode, and Google's confidence slowly build. Apple had been setting the terms of the battle, baiting Google into action. The competition was fierce, but the fight was on Apple 's terms.
Google's tired of that. In the space of two days, they've leapfrogged Apple spectacularly: They've matched Apple 's mobile OS in predictable ways, and embarrassed it in others ”
In his reply, Steve Jobs downplayed the announcements and said that Google had no chance to leapfrog Apple with these announcements.
Steve Jobs' responses were probably along expected lines. But if you consider that Apple 's annual developers conference is less than a fortnight from now, it is very likely for Apple to retain its lead over competition with announcements of newer products, including the much awaited
We can't wait for WWDC 2010 on June 7 when Steve Jobs will give the Keynote address.Will Steve Jobs surprise us with his patented “one more thing” announcement such as

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