iPhone OS 4.0 Might Include Built-In Flashlight Application

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However, it now looks like Apple might have included this functionality in upcoming
as well.
In a recently published video, an iPhone user has demonstrated the ability of the iPhone to act as a flashlight. This is done by pressing the power/lock button of an iPhone running
three times in quick succession, which lights up the iPhone display with a bright white screen. Pressing the power button one more time will replace the flashlight screen with the normal iPhone display.
While this could prove to be a very useful feature on the new iPhone OS, we are not sure if this is actually a deliberate incorporation or if this is a bug with the new iPhone OS. It is also possible that Apple engineers may have included the flashlight functionality as an easter egg in the new iPhone OS 4.0.
You can watch the flashlight in action in the video embedded below.
. While a flashlight functionality may not be among the most anticipated features, we're curious to see if this feature indeed makes it to the final version of iPhone OS 4.0.

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