iPad Wi-Fi Vs iPad 3G: Battery Life Compared

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To study the iPad's battery performance over the Wi-Fi and 3G networks, iLounge performed a ”
” where a fully loaded webpage was refreshed repeatedly every minute under standard brightness levels of 50% over Wi-Fi and 3G networks. The study concluded that the
clocked 10 hours and 21 minutes of battery life while the newly released iPad 3G version lasted for 8 hours and 38 minutes.
The battery performance test closely matches the official estimates from Apple . However, as
notes, these numbers are pretty conservative considering that normal users do not have to load webpages so frequently or have to continuously make use of Wi-Fi or 3G networks. iLounge reports:
“..[T]he iPad achieved 8 hours and 38 minutes of continuous reloading and displaying—22 minutes shy of Apple ’s estimate. We consider the shortage relatively unimportant given how demanding this particular test is—real users don’t load pages every minute—but users who expect the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G to last forever when downloading data over the cellular network should go in with the realization that there is a battery hit of approximately 1.5 hours relative to Wi-Fi use.”
Battery life of more than eight and half hours for a table device like an iPad using 3G data network is still very impressive. We will be very happy if the battery life of
will be in this range.

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