iPad 3G Works On T-Mobile; Hacked To Send SMS

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iPad 3G users have essentially cut their T-Mobile SIM cards to fit it into iPad’s SIM tray to get it to work on T-Mobile’s data network. It seems to take time to register on the network but works well when it is finally connected.
Unfortunately, since iPad 3G doesn’t support the frequency that T-Mobile uses for its 3G network, it is not possible to get it to work on its 3G network, which would have been ideal for iPad users looking for a carrier option.
We doubt many users who have bought the iPad 3G model will be happy with a slow EDGE connection to consume media content on the go on their latest gadget.
You can checkout the video of iPad working on T-Mobile’s $5.99 EDGE plan.
. The solution is quite primitive at this stage as seen in the video below:
MuscleNerd has noted that it is not possible to send SMS or make calls using AT&T's SIM.

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