Has Apple Stopped Shipping iPhone 3G Ahead Of iPhone 4G Launch?

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We've heard that Apple has stopped shipping iPhone 3G 8GB units to AT&T stores and orders are not being placed for the device. Could this mean we might see the iPhone 3GS drop to $99 and make way for a new model?
In Australia, where Apple sells contract-free iPhones online at unsubsidized prices, the 8 GB iPhone is listed as “Currently Unavailable”.
Similarly, customers looking to order iPhone 3G models in the United Kingdom through carrier O2 similarly appear to be having a difficult time, with a drop-down menu on O2's iPhone ordering page showing only new and reconditioned iPhone 3GS options despite the menu's description noting an iPhone 3G option.
Last year, when Apple unveiled the third generation iPhone model –
at the WWDC 2009, it reduced the price of the second generation iPhone model –
to $99.
with higher storage capacity.

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