Developer Showcases Plugin For iPhone’s Safari Browser

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According to Smith, developing a plugin for iPhone is pretty similar to developing one for Mac. He notes that Apple may release a Safari Plug-in SDK for iPhone OS that developers may use along with public APIs to build plugins for Safari. This can consequently bring a lot of sophisticated features to the Mobile Safari Web browser.
To prove that this is technically possible, Smith has developed an open source Objective-C based ”
” plugin for iPhone OS. As noted earlier, the code structure on the plugin is very similar to a Safari plugin for desktop with the basic difference being that the NSView class is replaced with UIView. The plugin source code is now available for download at
and can be tested either on an iPad simulator or using a jailbroken device.
Steven Smith illustrates the potential of such browser plugins by showcasing a video where his iPhone app, Lights Off [
], is shown running as an iPad Safari plug-in. You may watch the video below:
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