Apple’s New iPhone To Come With Improved Display, 512MB RAM, Bigger Battery

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will come with new features that will aid in improved e-book reading capabilities. For instance, the iPhone 4G display will include an In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology that is presently available on the
. IPS will provide superior viewing angles on the iPhone 's LCD display. Also, the display will be equipped with Fringe-Field Switching (FFS) technology, which will improve the visual quality of the display under sunlight as well as offer a much wider viewing angle.
also reportes several other enhancements in Apple 's new iPhone . According to them, industry sources have confirmed earlier reports that iPhone 4G will include a 960×640 double resolution display. Also, the display panel is said to be 33% thinner over the panel on
, which will consequently offer more space for the battery module inside the handset. The display screens are reported to be manufactured by LG Display and Prime View International.
and 256MB RAM. The
report claims that the next generation iPhone will include an ARM Cortex A8 processor equipped with a 512MB RAM from Samsung.
. It will be interesting to see if these new features indeed make it to the fourth generation iPhone ,which is also

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