Apple To Integrate Facebook Into iPhone OS 4.0

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However, that could change soon. According to a report on the
, Apple might integrate its latest version of iPhone OS –
with Facebook's social features that could allow users to sync their Facebook contacts with those on the iPhone phonebook. Apple is expected to make an announcement regarding this during the
(WWDC) next month.
It needs to be noted that the feature itself is not new. Contact syncing between iPhone phonebook and Facebook is
with the latest version of Facebook's iPhone app. Also, rival platforms like Palm and HTC too have been offering a Facebook contact syncing feature to their users for quite sometime.
points out that the integration of the Facebook user accounts with the iPhone OS may be at a much larger scale. For instance, Apple could be adding Facebook Connect to the iPhone OS SDK that would let app developers easily integrate several social features from Facebook into their
. Also, Apple may integrate the iPhone 's text messaging framework with Facebook's own messaging platform so that iPhone users may send messages to their Facebook friends in quite the same way as they send text messages.
Do note that the possible list of features is merely speculation at this stage. However, given that a contact syncing feature is already available for iPhone users with their Facebook app, it is likely that Apple may be looking at many more things from this synergy. What are your views on this?

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