Apple Plans To Fix iPad Wi-Fi Issues With Software Update

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users find a solution to the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. More crucially, Apple has also noted that there are a few more potential issues that shall be corrected with a future iPad software update.
In the newly updated document, Apple lists down a four step resolution procedure to users who ”
Change the wireless security option of the Wi-Fi from WEP to WPA or WPA2. Apple has noted that the WPA and WPA2 protocols offer more security options compared to the older protocols
Adjust screen brightness so that it is not at the lowest level. Apple also advises users to turn off the auto-brightness option
. Select '
Apple 's support document has not offered a timeline for the release of the iPad software update. However, the company insists that the troubleshooting tips should be able to resolve the pertinent Wi-Fi issues with most networks.
then you should avoid the new software update until Spirit is updated for the latest iPhone OS.
As always, we will let you know as soon as its available so stay tuned here

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