Apple Might Have A Second iPhone 3GS-Like Next Generation iPhone As Backup

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“The leaked iPhone 4G had a tag that said “N90,” which is the internal development codename for the iPhone 4G…According to our sources, Apple actually has another product codenamed N91 for the project, which offers less change from previous iPhones compared with the N90. It's a parallel product to back up the N90 in case there are major delays due to significant modifications in casing, display resolution, digital camera support and so forth.”
As folks at MacRumors point out, there is a possibility for a third iPhone model as well. You may recall the references to an iPhone codenamed ”
. This indicates the possibility of a third prototype, which has not been revealed so far.
Kuo also makes a few more interesting observations. According to him, it is very unlikely for Apple to launch the
this year. He notes that
is currently in the EVT (Engineer Verification Test) phase of the iPhone manufacturing process. This is expected to be followed by the DVT (Design Verification Test) and PVT (Process Verification Test) phases before mass production could begin. Given these circumstances, the CDMA iPhone is likely to ship only in 2011.
with AMOLED screens may have been shelved due to concerns regarding the production capacity of the OEM. Kuo claims:
“According to our sources, Apple had spoken with Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) about the possibility for AMOLED panels since the development of the iPhone 3GS, but production capacity remains a big issue. SMD only has the capability to fulfill 50-60% of iPhone orders at the moment even it dedicated all AMOLED capacity to Apple .
Of course, cost is always a concern. AMOLED panels cost US$34-38. TN panels cost less than US$10 and IPS panels around US$20.”
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