Apple iPad Launches Internationally; Greeted With Long Lines

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report, over 1200 people queued up in front of Tokyo's Ginza store; the earliest of whom had stay put from Wednesday evening. The situation was not any different in the other countries where the
launched. Apple 's flagship stores in many of these countries saw people line up in front of the stores several hours before the official launch.
However, the launch was not without its set of issues. Several customers who had pre-ordered their iPad in the UK were delivered the device a day in advance, thus inconveniencing those who had no one to accept the delivery. The
notes that TNT – one of the delivery firms contracted by Apple for iPad distribution in UK, received over 100,000 complaints through the day from iPad customers who were unable to receive their iPad. In Europe, we have also heard reports that the delivery of pre-ordered iPads was delayed by a day.
Despite these glitches, the initial response to the iPad in these new markets is reported to have exceeded expectations. We are curious to listen from our international readers about their experiences. So please do not forget to tell us in the comments below.

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