Apple Increases Number Of Apps Showcased On App Store Charts To 200

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In an apparent move to provide greater visibility to iPhone apps, Apple has now doubled the number of apps showcased on the App Store charts. Consequently, users visiting the Top Paid/Free/Grossing charts on the App Store will now be shown 200 applications instead of the earlier 100.
This is a smart move since it allows users to surf through many more iPhone apps thereby improving their app discovery experience. Also, the increase in the number of apps on the App Store Chart should give additional exposure to these newly listed apps thus increasing their downloads. This should ultimately
for not only the app developers but also Apple .
The vast number of applications has resulted in users relying excessively on the App Store Charts and Genius recommendations for their app purchases. While this has been convenient to the users so far, we must also note that the model is not entirely scalable. With several thousand apps being added on a weekly basis, we feel that it is extremely important for Apple to offer a more elaborate app discovery tool to improve user engagement levels.
What do you think can be done in this respect? How do you discover iPhone apps? Tell us in the comments.

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