Warning: New Malware Targeting iTunes, iPad Users

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”. The message is learnt to link to a download page that mimics Apple 's official iTunes page. Visitors to the site are asked to download a file named ”
that creates a surreptious back-door entry for hackers to get access to private information like activation keys for software programs and passwords of POP3 mail accounts and applications like ICQ, Messenger that are installed on the system.
According to Catalin Cosoi, senior antivirus and malware researcher for BitDefender, the malware is programmed to specifically target Windows users. He says:
“The trick is pretty simple. When you have the iPad, you do expect to receive messages, maybe not e-mail, but messages of some sort [from Apple ] that ‘We have finished an update, you have to get this update. They’re clever to do it this way. If they were able to target Mac customers, it would have spread like wildfire, but because most antivirus companies detect this [Trojan], it’s aimed at Windows users who have bought an iPad and who also don’t run a security product.”
has been extremely successful with conservative estimates pointing to sale numbers of over 600,000 units so far. BitDefender has proposed generic safety rules as a way to combat the malware.
Do not download or save files from sources you don't know; use only the producer’s official website (www.apple .com) in order to download software for your iPad
Install and activate a reliable antimalware, firewall solution and spam filter
Update your anti-malware, firewall and spam filter as frequently as possible, with the latest virus virus definitions and suspicious application/file signatures
Run a complete anti-malware scan before opening or copying any file to your system, even if the file comes from a trusted source
So please be careful.

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