Redsn0w Public Beta Released To Jailbreak iPhone OS 4

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1st public 4.0b1 jailbreak .. Only JB devs til they fix their SW! iPhone 3G+Mac only til more is working
Please not that this beta is not meant for the average end-user. There are many things “broken” with jailbroken apps in the 4.0beta1 environment right now (that's the real reason we showed “Veency” in the 4.0 jailbreak demo video last week, instead of say, which is broken!). This beta redsn0w allows the developers behind those jailbroken apps (like!) to fix their software before the general public gets iphoneOS 4.0.
Because it's meant for JB app developers, this beta redsn0w does not perform hactivation. You'll need a properly-registered developer UDID with Apple to get past the activation screen. For similar reasons, there is no Windows version of this beta redsn0w (since apps are developed on MacOSX). Please don't pirate Apple software.
Dev team has also warned users who depend on a carrier unlock to avoid iPhone OS 4 beta 1 as it includes a baseband update.
software for iPhone OS 4 released, it needs to be seen when

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