Next Generation iPad Could Come With An OLED Screen

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OLED screens draw less power so are supposed to improve battery life.
However, these speculations need to be taken with a pinch of salt. That's because OLED screens are not exactly mainstream right now and as a result, the manufacturing costs of these panels are expected to be completely out of range for a larger screen device like the iPad. Here is a perspective on the costs: A 9.7″ LCD panel is priced between USD $60-$80. On the other hand, a similar OLED panel may cost up to $500 per unit making it extremely unfeasible at the current prices.
But industry experts expect a drastic drop in pricing in the next few months owing to massive level of investments in OLED production by OEMs. Samsung Electronics, LG Display and AU Optronics apparently are all expected to increase the production of OLED panels in the next few months, which could bring the costs down.
However,Apple 's current contract with Samsung worth $240 million reveals a pricing point of $80 per LCD display and
senior research analyst Mingchi Kuo is skeptical about the prices dropping sufficiently in time for Apple 's iPad 2G launch.
and probably an OLED screen.

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