New iPhone: Front-Facing Camera, High Res Screen, High Res Camera With Flash, Micro-SIM Card And More Proof

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, the night before it was unveiled by Apple , which they believe came from Apple ’s test lab.
When they inspected the leaked iPad images again today, they discovered that the device, which looks similar to one in the images that they received yesterday was placed on the table next to the iPad prototype.
As you can see in the image below, the
Engadget is confident that the images of the iPad prototype came from an Apple test lab, so it believes that the other device is Apple ’s new iPhone .
Interesting, but it still doesn’t make sense that prototype of Apple ’s new iPhone that is probably used for some real world testing of the new hardware looks like an iPhone clone that was purchased in Japan. If Apple really wanted to camouflage its new iPhone , wouldn’t it make sense to simply design the prototype exactly like an
? Why would the prototype of Apple 's new iPhone look like an iPhone clone? Any ideas?
The tidbits that Engadget reveals towards the end of their post are actually the interesting part. They claim that their source who confirms that the device in the image is the
So are you convinced by the proof given by Engadget? What do think about the possibility of those new hardware features?Let us know in the comments below.

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