More Evidence Of Video Chat Feature Found In iPhone OS 4.0

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In a recently published article, the website notes references to chat rooms, moderators and encrypted video conferencing in the newly launched SDK.
For instance, a Conference.framework folder in the OS 4.0 SDK contains a list of audio files that will play when a chat request is initiated. This is pretty similar to the sound files that play on the iChat Mac application.
Also, another folder IMCoreLocalizable.strings contains a list of string settings pertaining to video chat and conferencing. Interestingly, the Plist on an Apple 's Private Framework references to features like Chat Rooms and Moderation that is not available on the existing iChat application on Mac. As
notes, this feature could be integrated with the
to allow users to chat with their game opponents.
“Think the upcoming Game Center. Imagine being able to video/audio chat with the people you are playing the game with. How cool would that be? […]At the moment, this is a private framework. This is something that Apple is using themselves in their native applications, and is something developers won't be able to access. However, this chat framework could very well become public in the future of iPhone OS.[…]If/When this Chat Framework goes public, there could be an influx of Chat-related apps in the App Store.”
, we can't wait to seehow Apple decides to offer the video chat feature in the next generation iPhone .
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