iPhone Web Browser Speed Tests: Opera Mini For iPhone Vs. Mobile Safari

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, it will be interesting to see how Opera Mini for iPhone compares against Mobile Safari. Folks at
have published a study that compares the two web browsing apps on several aspects. Here are some observations from the study.
The time taken to load the applications were observed under two circumstances – a cold start (where the app is loaded after rebooting the iPhone ) and a warm start (where the app is closed and relaunched). It was observed that Opera Mini took marginally lesser time than Mobile Safari to load in a cold start mode. However, when the applications were closed and relaunched, Mobile Safari loaded much quicker. This is because the iPhone holds the Mobile Safari app in the system memory even after the app is closed thereby helping in quicker relaunches. Mobile Safari thus holds an edge over Opera Mini for iPhone in this regard.
This is clearly the unique selling proposition for Opera Mini. The application
and loaded web pages much faster than Mobile Safari.
JavaScript, DOM, CSS Loading Time
LifeHacker notes that their study to test the speed of JavaScript, DOM and CSS over the two browser apps did not offer conclusive results since Opera Mini for iPhone failed to run with the Dramaeo browser performance testing tool.
The study concludes that iPhone 's Mobile Safari app is marginally better than Opera Mini app for iPhone despite the latter's impressive page loading time. Though a major reason for this is because of Mobile Safari's position as the system default, the study also notes that Opera Mini does not render fonts and zooming as seamlessly as the Mobile Safari does. However, Opera Mini comes with other advantages like the ability to open multiple tabs and a single-tap speed dial option to open favorite websites.
What do you think about these test results? Does it match what you've observed?Which of the two web browsers would you prefer for browsing the internet on your iPhone ? Let us know your views in the comments.

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