iPhone OS 4: Hidden Features

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and more.
As developers dig deeper into iPhone OS 4 beta, many more features are coming to light.Here is a list of the new features discovered so far.
You have an option to toggle cellular data on or off.
You can turn on the 'Character Count' option in Messages Settings in order to keep a tab on the number of characters while typing a message.
iPhone OS 4 extends the iPhone 's inbox search feature to text messages. You can finally search through your SMS messages.
As reported earlier, users taking a picture from their iPhone will now see a sliding bar at the bottom of the screen to zoom in and out while taking a picture (up to 5x digital zoom). Alternately, tapping on the screen will also allow users to zoom in and out while taking a picture.
earlier, the global search screen on the iPhone now has two additional options – 'Search Web' and 'Search Wikipedia' to let users directly search for content on the web and Wikipedia.
Previewing documents on the iPhone will now display these files without the borders. This is expected to help squeeze in an additional pixel or two of content.
The Contact window on the iPhone looks more streamlined in iPhone OS 4 allowing users to enter more details about the contact without navigating away from the main screen.
iPhoto users can sync their photos to the iPhone via Events, Faces and Places. This will work for the iPad too.
A new global toggling option gives you the ability to turn the display of lyrics on or off.
Users sending large-size image files via email can choose to resize the photo on the go by selecting from the four different file size options.
The current on-the-go playlists will be replaced by the 'Add Playlist' option in iPhone OS 4 that will be automatically synced back to the users' iTunes account.
Browsing albums have traditionally displayed the tracks and the shuffle option. You can view the album thumbnail, track count, length of tracks and album release date.
You can enable or disable location services for each location based apps viaSettings -> Location Services. Also, you also get visibility on the apps that have most recently accessed this information using the compass arrow icon.
You can organize emails by thread in the Mail app just like in Gmail. Email threading option can be turned on or off viaSettings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar and turn on or off the 'Organize By Thread' toggle (this feature was demoed during the iPhone OS 4 event, the screenshot shows you how it can be enabled).
Passcodes will no longer be limited to just 4 numbers. You can set a more securealphanumeric and longerpasscode for your iPhone . You can currently use the
to achieve this.
. When any of the apps inside a folder receives an alert, you'll be informed of the same with an exclamation point over the main folder icon.

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