iPhone OS 4.0 Wish List

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Here is our iPhone OS 4.0 wish-list, which also includes features requested by our fantastic readers in the
(thanks folks!):
that point to the availability of dashboard-style widgets on the iPhone OS. With several iPhone rivals now launching smartphones with ability to multitask, we feel it is time Apple introduced the feature for their users.
There are over 180,000
. With the subsequent increase in the number of apps users purchase and install on their iDevices, a better app management feature is very much needed such as allowing users to sort their iPhone apps into folders for easier access like you can do with
Ability to customize the iPhone such as change wallpaper, font etc like jailbreak iPhone users can do with jailbreak apps like
Users should be able to customize the lock screen so that they can see the number of new emails, SMS, upcoming appointments, weather etc on the lock screen itself, without needing to unlock the screen.
Ability to transfer files with other Bluetooth devices, support for external Bluetooth keyboards like iPad and support for AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).
It's a pity that Google hasn't released a native iPhone app for Gmail. We're hoping that Apple will bridge this gap by improving the iPhone mail app and include features such as filters/labels, ability to organize replies into conversations, improved search,
and more.Currently it is possible to setup only one Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account, this limit should be removed.The ability to download and save attachments.
This has been one feature that we like in the Android phones. Unlike the iPhones, Android based smartphones do not require the user to plug their handsets to a computer to perform syncing operations. With competition from rival smartphone manufacturers heating up, we see this as a very useful upgrade in iPhone OS.
It would be great if Apple can magically improve battery life in iPhone OS 4.0 on existing iPhone models.
, it goes without saying that we expect everything to be a lot faster in iPhone OS 4.0.
One of the other areas that needs an overhaul following the surge in the number of apps being downloaded and installed is the iPhone 's notification system. The prevailing notification system may be seen as disruptive while the user is working at something important. Also, with only the most recent notification displayed at any moment, there are high chances of the user missing out on some important older notifications. We expect Apple to come up with interesting alternatives to sort this issue.
support FM radio, it would be nice surprise to see Apple enabling native support for FM Radio.
Users have long sought the ability to tether their laptop or netbook to their iPhone to browse the internet. While that sounds unlikely to come anytime soon, users may hope to see the ability to tether their
to their iPhone . Considering that iPhone users already pay AT&T for unlimited monthly data usage, this option could be highly welcome.
We know this will not happen but a wishlist for the next generation iPhone OS without this would be incomplete.
We've heard rumors that iPhone OS 4.0 will be available to only iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and all iPod Touch users. We hope that the update is available for all iPhone users including the original iPhone users.
Additional call management features like a blacklist, call forwarding, etc. (
These are just some of the features that we would like to see in iPhone OS 4.0.We would like to know which ones are your most requested features.
If you want us to add any other feature to this iPhone OS 4.0 wishlist then let us know in the comments.

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