iPhone OS 4.0 Brings Gmail Archive Feature to iPhone’s Mail App

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One of the popular features in Gmail is the ability to archive emails, which moves them from your Inbox to an All mail folder, allowing you to tidy up your inbox without deleting anything as there is lots of storage space available.
Apple has integrated Gmail’s archive feature into iPhone ’s mail app, which was one of the most requested feature by Gmail users.
As seen in the screenshot below, in iPhone OS 4, Gmail users will be able to archive messages by swiping on the message like you’d normally do to delete a message.
You will still be able to delete the message by opening it and then tapping on the trash button.
In iPhone OS 4.0, if you turn the Archive feature on via the settings app then tapping on the trash button will also archive the email instead of deleting it
. It is still not clear if the archive feature will be available if you setup your account as a Gmail account or will work even if you have setup it up using Microsoft Exchange Activesync. We hope its possible in both cases.
the Edit button, will give you an option to archive multiple messages
With this feature, unified inbox and ability to organize messages by threads, we don’t need Gmail’s native iPhone app. Thank you Apple .
:In case you’re wondering, since the screenshot feature isn’t working in
, folks at 9to5Mac had to take a photo from the digital camera.
in the comments. Thanks a ton Bill!

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