iPhone OS 4.0 Allows You To Search Web And Wikipedia Directly From Spotlight

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, which is essentially the iPhone version of the universal search feature that is available on Macs.
As of now, using Spotlight you can search for:
Email (To, From, Subject but not message content)
iPod (Music, Video, Podcasts, Audiobooks)
Currently, to search for content on the web, you need to launch mobile Safari browser, tap on the search field (on the right side of the title bar) to type a word or phrase that describes what you’re looking for.
Engadget has discovered that you can search for content on the web and Wikipedia directly from Spotlight in iPhone OS 4.0 without the need to launch mobile Safari browser.
As seen in the screenshot below, you’ll see the following options while typing a query into the iPhone Spotlight search in iPhone OS 4.0:
, which
It’s a minor but a useful tweak. Let us know your views on this new feature in the comments section.

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