iPhone 3G Users Won’t Be Able To Customize Homescreen Wallpaper In iPhone OS 4?

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won’t be available for iPhone 3G and the second-generation iPod touch users.
users also won’t be able to customize their homescreen wallpaper.
Though performance concerns due to only 128MB RAM in iPhone 3G, which is
could be a valid reason for not allowing multitasking, it would be ridiculous if iPhone 3G users can’t change something as simple as customizing iPhone homescreen wallpaper in iPhone OS 4.
Before iPhone 3G users get upset or angry, let's remember that this is the first beta version and several reports have suggested that it is quite buggy. So it very likely that this limitation is a bug that will be fixed in future iPhone OS 4 beta releases.
If it’s not a bug then we don't know how Apple will be able to justify it. Let us know your views in the comments below.

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