iPad Teardown Analysis Provides Tidbits About Battery, RAM In Apple A4 And More

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teardown reveals that the iPad's battery has 5.5 times the capacity of the battery in
. This is thanks to
“two batteries wired in parallel, for a total of 24.8 Watt-hours”
According to the report, the device
“sips just 2.5 Watts. That's 1/5 the power of a compact fluorescent bulb”
“the USB power supply had to be enhanced specifically for the iPad. It's a 10W unit manufactured by Foxlink Technology, Ltd”
, which is the reason for
reported by users.
The A4 is a Package-on-Package (PoP), with at least three layers of circuitry layered on top of each other. A4 is packaged just like the iPhone processors, microprocessor in one package and two memory modules in the other package. They're all sandwiched together in a very nice and thin PoP.
The iPad RAM is INSIDE the A4 processor package. Confirming this took quite a bit of sleuthing: we had to partner with Chipworks to X-ray the processor. The X-ray revealed two layers of RAM. In addition to the ARM processor, the A4 package contains two stacked Samsung dies.
iPad seems to only have 256MB RAM, which is the
and not 512MB as was reported by some media houses earlier.
is actually taken up by the ambient light sensor.
will be working with Chipworks to release a more detailed analysis of Apple A4. As always, we’ll keep you posted so stay tuned.

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