Identity Of Person Who Found Lost Next Generation iPhone Revealed

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Speaking on behalf of Hogan, attorney Jeffrey Bornstein emphasized that his client was innocent since he was led into believing that the $5000 paid by
” item. Bornstein claims that Gizmodo assured Hogan that “
Bornstein however clarified that his client now regrets about not having done more to return the lost iPhone to its rightful owner. He revealed that the iPhone had shut down and had remained ”
” for close to the entire period it was under Hogan's possession and that this made the process of identifying the real owner much more difficult. However, the only purported effort to return the
prototype appears to have been made by a friend of Hogan's who offered to call Apple Care on his behalf.
” in the event of discovering lost goods. Speaking to
, the owners of the San Jose bar have clarified that Hogan made no effort to notify them about the phone. Gray Powell, the Apple Engineer who lost the iPhone is noted to have returned several times to the bar to see if his phone had been returned. Under such circumstances, we wonder if Hogan's case may be heavily weighed against him.
Investigators are noted to be still working on the intricacies of the case. writes:
“The person who found the phone “is very definitely one of the people who is being looked at as a suspect in theft,” San Mateo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe told Wednesday. “Assuming there’s ultimately a crime here. That’s what we’re still gauging, is this a crime, is it a theft?””
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