History Of Apple Product Leaks And Apple’s Response

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Here is a look at some of the earlier instances when details about Apple 's upcoming products were leaked ahead of the official launch.
2000: PowerMac, iBook and Mouse
In July 2000, a person only known by his online handle ”
forum. ”
” also followed this up by divulging more details about Apple 's new mouse and a dual-processor PowerMac. Apple responded by filing a lawsuit even before knowing who the culprit was. ”
” was later identified as an ex-Apple employee named Juan Gutierrez. The case was settled outside the court.
At around the same time, Apple news website
published pictures of a Cube-Shaped Mac that was apparently leaked to them by an anonymous tipster. Apple responded by issuing a ”
” asking for the content to be pulled down. A week later, Steve Jobs announced the cube-shaped Mac at MacWorld.
. The website also leaked information about the launch of a $499 Mac besides offering information on an upcoming music device codenamed Asteroid. Claiming that the company's ”
DNA is innovation, and the protection of our trade secrets is crucial to our success
“, Apple filed a lawsuit against
. After three years of legal dispute, the company reached a settlement with the owner of
, Nick Ciarelli, who agreed to shut the site down.
In one of the more recent instances,
“. Apple 's legal team soon responded by issuing cease-and-desist notices to these websites. While
replaced the pictures with mock renderings,
pulled the entire content down.
Apple 's response to product leaks in the past have shown that the company has always been concerned about the source of leaks and the media publications are spared of legal action if they comply with the company's take down request. In the latest case however, the leak appears to have happened by accident rather than any deliberate attempt by the Apple employee. Under such circumstances, we wonder if Apple 's legal team would take any action against
prototype to them.
What are your thoughts? Do you think its the last we've heard of this story?

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