FCC’s iPad Teardown Photos Reveals Apple A4, Toshiba Flash Memory, Broadcom Chip, Battery & More

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The main processor is an Apple A4, which we’re already know.
iPad is using Toshiba Flash memory.
iPad is using a Broadcom BCM5973 chip, which could be the
One of the board seems to be made by AT&S.
iPad’s display is mostly likely made by LG-Phillips.
The battery used in the iPad is 3.75V, 24.8 watt-hour (6.5 Amp hours) battery as compared to a 4.51 watt-hour battery in
, which explains why iPad has 10 hours of battery life.
Kyle from iFixit has informed us that they will be standing in line tonight to get their hands on the iPad so that they can perform a teardown.
Thanks Kyle, we’re looking forward to it.

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