A Look At Next iPhone’s Internals; No User Removable Battery

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is not user replaceable just like the current and older iPhone models. The iPhone casing is secured by a couple of screws, which will prevent users from removing the battery. The battery in the new iPhone could be considerably larger than what was available on
and occupies over 50% of the space inside the phone.
Compensating for the battery's larger size is the new logic board in iPhone 4G that is much smaller than the one on iPhone 3GS. The new logic board is enclosed within a metal casing and is roughly one-third of its original size. Chen notes that most of the important components, including the
, reside inside this metal casing. As a result, not much information is available as yet on these components.
This apart, Chen also observes that the new iPhone could weigh close to 3 grams more than the older version despite it being thinner than iPhone 3GS. This is primarily because of the larger battery in iPhone 4G. While it is possible that Apple works over these minor chinks in design before the official launch. Chen seems to disagree, he says that the intricately assembled components inside the iPhone 4G prototype gives little space for components to be added or removed from the prototype design.
While the images above give us a sneak peek into the minutest of details regarding the upcoming iPhone model, critical information about the
still remain unanswered.
, we cannot wait to get our hands on the next generation iPhone . How about you? Tell us in the comments.

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