Wolfram Alpha Drops Price Of iPhone App From $50 To $2; Offering Refunds If You Paid More

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However, since the pricing strategy has not worked, the company has dropped the price of the app during the holiday season to $19.99, which was still deemed expensive. In an attempt to reach out to the market, Wolfram Alpha has now announced that the app shall here on be available at the
for just $1.99 – a whopping 96% price drop from the original sale price.
Making the announcement on the Wolfram Alpha blog, the company insists that the price drop is part of an overall plan to make the service more ubiquitous. Schoeller Porter from Wolfram Alpha writes:
“To date, we’ve focused on improving the Wolfram|Alpha experience, refining the processes we use to incorporate new information into the system, experimenting with Wolfram|Alpha on mobile devices, and solidifying programmatic access through the API.
As we approach the anniversary of the launch of Wolfram|Alpha, we’ll be moving into Wolfram|Alpha’s next phase, centered on growth—increasing the exposure and use of Wolfram|Alpha both by individuals seeking knowledge and by developers building computational knowledge into their applications in interesting ways. We want Wolfram|Alpha to become ubiquitous.”
While this move may help the company reach out to a lot more users, there are also concerns that the massive price drop may affect the company's relationship with its loyal users who may have already purchased the app. To address these concerns, Wolfram Alpha has noted that existing customers of the
Considering the high utility value of the Wolfram Alpha iPhone app, we believe that a lot of our readers may be interested in downloading the application (
) at the new price. Do let us know your feedback about the app in the comments section below.

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