Winterboard: Jailbreak App To Customize Look And Feel Of The iPhone Gets Updated

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To recap, here are some of the features of Winterboard:
Customize the wallpaper. If you’re bored with static wallpaper, you can install video wallpaper in video form (.mp4).
Customize the dock.
Sound customization – Customize all kinds of system sounds.
Web clips – Let you theme the web clips also.
Lock Background – Customize the background of lock screen.
SMS Background – Theme the SMS bubbles.
Keyboard – Change the look & feel of iPhone keyboard.
Calculator – Customize calculator background.
In the new version, you can customize your iPhone using the Setting app (Settings->Winterboard). Saurik, the developer of Winterboard has giventhe credit to dhowettfor the Winterboard in Settings feature, as he was the one who figured out how to get the draggable selector working. dhowett’s PinCrush has been implemented in this update to increase the speed of loading PNGs.
As seen in the screenshot above, you also have an option to enable debugging mode and a “summerboard” mode, which will help add support for older
themes. You can also hide the Winterboard icon on your iPhone ’s home screen.
from Cydia and let us know how it goes.

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