Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone OS 3.1.3 Using Mobile Safari Coming Soon?

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Unlike conventional jailbreaking techniques, userland jailbreaks are a much easier process whereby users are required to merely point their Mobile Safari browser to a particular URL to jailbreak their device. This technique was possible in iPhone OS 1.x but have since then been rendered ineffective thanks to continuous security upgrades by Apple .
However, userland jailbreaks could be made available once again. iPhone hacker Comex has released a demo video showcasing the impending arrival of such a jailbreak. In this recently released video, Comex demonstrates a fully untethered userland
. While hoax videos as these are not exactly uncommon, the video has received positive reviews from popular jailbreakers '
who claim that the video is in fact genuine. Check out the preview video below of what appears to be a untethered jailbroken iPod Touch 3G:
There has been no announcement on the release date for the userland jailbreak.
You might know that iPhone jailbreaking expert,

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