Toggle Between Last Two iPhone Apps Running On Your iPhone With LastApp

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Available via the BigBoss repository on Cydia, this free
lets you choose from a variety of slide, shake and tap gestures that you may employ to automatically toggle between the last two iPhone applications running on your iPhone . Additionally, if you have
installed on your jailbroken iPhone , you can then opt to automatically move the current application to background on toggling.
” your app. Instead, it merely restarts the previously launched application. The LastApp application works via Activator – another application for
that enables iPhone apps to be launched with simple gestures and taps. In case, you don't have Activator installed on your iPhone already, this shall be automatically installed along with LastApp.
Undoubtedly, LastApp simplifies the ability to toggle between two applications. However, we wonder if toggling between more than two iPhone applications would be more useful. Do check out the jailbreak app and let us know what you think.

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