TigerText iPhone App Lets You Self-Destruct Your Text Messages

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that can come pretty handy under these circumstances. The iPhone app lets you set a time period for which the message will exist. Post this time limit, the contents of the text message will ”
” making it virtually impossible to track the contents of the message.
To use the iPhone app, both the sender and the receiver need to download and activate the application. The application is designed to retain the look and feel of iPhone 's native Messages app and is hence pretty intuitive to use. However, the sender needs to customize the iPhone app settings to specify a time limit between 60 seconds and 30 days post which the message should be deleted. Contents of the text messages exchanged via the iPhone app are wiped off the TigerText servers once this time limit elapses. Since these messages circumvent the carrier's server, there is no threat from the conventional service providers.
) for free for 15 days with a limit of 100 messages. If you like it, you can either pay $1.49 per month for 250 messages or $2.49 per month if you want to send unlimited messages.
Check out a video demo of the iPhone app below and let us know if you found this iPhone app useful.

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