StyleTap – Jailbreak App Brings Palm OS To iPhone

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Palm OS, as you might already know, is the the company's operating system built for PDA devices. While this operating system does not include the sophistication that comes with WebOS, the emulator provides access to several applications that can be handy for businesses and users that traditionally use PDAs. The StyleTap Palm OS emulator for iPhone and iPod Touch supports the applications written for the Palm OS 5.2 platform and the earlier versions.
Considering that many of the original Palm OS devices came with physical keypads, the StyleTap emulator offers virtual buttons to replace these physical buttons. Also, since the iPhone does not have a provision to access external memory cards, the emulator application replaces the traditional use of external memory cards with a ”
” to store large databases thus enabling the apps to work with files stored in the iPhone 's flash memory.
is available from the Cydia store at a pricey $49.95. Nevertheless, we believe that there is a niche group who should be interested in accessing the Palm OS apps for the iPhone . If you are one of them (installation instructions available
), do try the application and let us know your views.
Thanks Egypt for the tip!

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