Sprint Ad Claims Overdrive Mobile Hotspot Makes Your iPhone 4G

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In its latest advertising campaign for the wireless Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi hotspot, Sprint notes that while the iPhone is ”
“, it is limited to AT&T's network 3G speeds. The company claims that with Overdrive, iPhone users may connect to the internet at speeds 10 times faster than what is possible on AT&T. Here is the video of the Sprint ad:
To be fair, Sprint's ad for Overdrive makes a healthy comparison between AT&T's 3G network speeds and the company's 4G speeds and is pretty unlike Verizon's disparaging ad campaign. This is not the first time a
is known to have targeted Apple 's customers for MiFi devices though. Readers may recall recently
that revealed Verizon's plans to sell MiFi devices to iPad customers.
With AT&T network having improved significantly over the past few months, we wonder if Sprint's ad campaign will be successful. Nevertheless, we feel Sprint's Overdrive can still be a pretty good alternative for faster wireless internet speeds especially for the
if you're looking for 4G speeds.
Will you be buying one? Let us know what you think.

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