Sony Working On Tablet And Smartphones To Take On Apple

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, Sony's tablet is expected to replicate the
, which includes applications to read ebooks, play games, watch movies and surf the internet. The report also claims that Sony's new smartphone could be capable of downloading and playing video games.
The new line of handheld devices are expected to be connected to Sony's new online media platform, tentatively named the Sony Online Service. This platform is similar to Apple 's iTunes software that will enable users to purchase and download movies, music and TV shows to their handheld devices. Additionally, the platform will also open up the company's catalog of console games to be accessed by a broad range of other devices.
Sony's strategy is possibly an indication of the future of the tech industry where differences between gadgets like the netbook, e-reader and gaming console are blurred by
that serve multiple purposes. With demand for such multifunction devices like the iPad heating up, it comes as no surprise that Gartner predicts close to 10.5 million tablet devices to be sold through 2010. You might also recall a
How do you see this new business environment? With iPad blending the functions offered by gaming consoles and e-readers, do you see many more players from the industry jumping into the tablet market? It is good to see a big player like Sony joining the fray as it would force Apple to keep innovating (not that need external pressure). Let us know what you think.

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