Send Money By Bumping iPhones; Split Check With Contacts With PayPal’s New iPhone App

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PayPal has partnered with Bump Technologies to offer an easy way for users to initiate transactions with friends by bumping their iPhones together. The prominent display of the easy-to-use bump feature in the new version of the app is possibly an attempt at making PayPal the platform of choice among friends to send and receive money.
The iPhone app offers an easy way to split bills, calculate tips and instantly request contacts for their share of the bill.
and it continues to be a popular way for iPhone users to make transactions on the go. The new design and features should make the process much simpler and intuitive especially to transfer money between friends. If you wish to install this app, you may do so by
(iTunes link).
Bump to send money and split the check are quite cool features.As always, do let us know your views on PayPal’s new iPhone app in the comments section below.

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