Publishers, Advertisers Gear Up For The iPad Launch

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” links on the website. The website claims that while these links open video content in Flash format on desktop computers, opening the same using the iPad simulator renders these files in HTML5 format.
. Print media behemoth, the
has revealed that the publication would be offering subscriptions at $17.99 per month to iPad users. For a perspective, the corresponding numbers for the WSJ's print version is $29 per month.
Book publishers, considered to be one of the key content providers on the iPad too have been revealed to be offering their content at competitive rates. Folks at
have dug out information that 27 of the top 32 bestsellers on the New York Times' BestSellers section have been priced at $9.99. As the article suggests, the prices of ebooks for the
have quite successfully matched Amazon's $9.99 price point for Kindle.
Considering the initial sale estimates for the iPad, it seems like publishers are willing to trade on volumes rather than price. This could also be the reason behind the rush of advertisers to the iPad. According to an article on the
, advertisers have been booking the iPad advertising spots in advance on major publications. According to this report, FedEx has purchased advertising space on Reuters, WSJ and NewsWeek for an undisclosed duration while Chase Sapphire has purchased the iPad advertising units on the New York Times for the initial 60 days. Other popular advertisers known to have booked ad units include Unilever, Toyota Motors and Oracle.
What do you make of this resounding buzz? Do you see this fading away after the iPad launches or do you see this as the beginning for a new multimedia platform? Let us know your views in the comments.

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