Netflix Considering A Movie Streaming iPhone App; Are You Interested?

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“Imagine that Netflix offers its subscribers the ability to instantly watch movies & TV episodes on their iPhone . The selection availability to instantly watch includes some new releases, lots of classics and TV episodes. There are no advertisements or trailers, and movies start in as little as 30 seconds. You can fast-forward, rewind, and pause or watch again. The movies & TV episodes you instantly watch are included in your Netflix membership for no additional fee.
Whenever you want to instantly watch content on your iPhone , your iPhone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network (such as one you might have at home or at work, or in public places like coffee shops, book stores, hotels, airports, etc.)
If this functionality were available, how likely would you or someone in your household be to instantly watch movies & TV episodes on your iPhone via a Wi-Fi network?”
. In his interview back in September of last year, Hastings had said:
“it’s something that’s likely to come over time. But nothing in the short term. (With) movie watching, we are not focused on mobile yet, but (instead) on the TV, on Blu-ray and on the video game consoles. We will get to mobile eventually, including the iPhone .”
. While Apple 's tablet brings a lot of promise for a movie streaming service like Netflix, we are still skeptical about Netflix's iPhone app making it through the app approval process considering the potential threat that the app holds to sale on iTunes.
Do you want Netflix to release their movie streaming iPhone app? Do you think Apple will approve it?

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