Leaked Memo Reveals Verizon’s Plan To Promote MiFi To iPad Customers

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, Verizon notes that customers wishing to purchase an iPad 3G model will not only have to spend an additional $130 for 3G, but will also need to
. Verizon apparently wants to seize upon this cost disparity between iPad's 3G and Wi-Fi only models to convince customers to sign up for a Wi-Fi only iPad instead that can use Verizon's MiFi device to access internet via 3G. Taking a potshot at AT&T, the memo reads:
“Why pay more for the 3G version and get 3G service on an overloaded network with limited coverage?”
for the iPad's 3G model. Having said that, we doubt if Verizon's strategy shall be a success. Verizon MiFi offers a 250MB data plan at $39.99 per month and a 5GB data plan for $59.99. This is much higher than the $29.99 per month iPad owners may be shelling out to access unlimited data over AT&T. Additionally, Verizon's data plans come with a two year contract period, which AT&T subscribers are not constrained by. These factors may weigh heavily against Verizon's ambitions though it is not clear if the company is also contemplating special pricing plans for iPad subscribers.
However, MiFi could be an attractive alternative for road warriors who want to use multiple gadgets (to access internet) on the go rather than users who want to only use it for the iPad.
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