iPhone TouchScreen Outperforms Competitors In New TouchScreen Analysis Test

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While the study made some interesting observations with a simple test, a few critics pointed out to the unreliability of such a study considering that the human finger methodology was prone to inconsistencies.
Following upon these criticisms, along with user requests to include more devices to the study, MOTO Labs has published a second study which makes use of a lab robot to perform the test. Also, two new devices – Palm Pre and Blackberry Storm 2 were included in the second phase of the study.
The results published this week reaffirm the conclusions drawn from the earlier study. Like in the earlier case, the new study underlines the superior performance of the iPhone touchscreen over its rival products. While lines drawn over the iPhone touchscreen were straight and accurate, this was not the case with other touchscreen devices. Though devices such as Nexus One and Palm Pre performed satisfactorily in the '
' study which included a test robot with a 7mm finger, similar tests performed on a lighter 4mm robot finger resulted in high levels of inaccuracies.
Check out the video below from MOTO.
MOTO Labs however notes that such vagaries in performance are always expected in a new technology like capacitive touchscreens and claims that performances should stabilize in the years ahead. The company writes:
“Just consider the “door slam test” that’s often used to evaluate the build-quality of automobiles. Like touchscreen devices, cars are complex machines that require a high level of system integration. A decade ago, the difference in quality between established manufacturers like BMW or Mercedes and a relative newcomer like Hyundai was dramatic. A door-slam on the former felt solid and precise; the latter felt loose and tinny. Yet today Hyundai has closed the gap, and many of the company’s cars pass the door-slam test in world-class style.”
It is great to see that Apple is at the forefront of the capacitive touchscreen technology and the iPhone touchscreen is by far the best in the market today. Let us know your views in the comments section.

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