iPhone Mail Might Get Universal Mailbox?

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. He had also clarified to another user via email that
. He had gone on to add that he believed Apple ’s iPhoto does a better job in his opinion.
This time he has responded to a question from a user about whether the iPhone 's Mail functionality will get a “universal mailbox” just like Mail on Mac OS X.
Anyway, I just have one question for you: will iPhone ever have a universal mailbox just like Mail has on my Mac? It would be so much easier and efficient.
His answer was a simple “Yep”.
As you might know, you’ve the option to setup multiple email accounts on the
via the Settings app. But you’ve to manually navigate to each account to check emails. In case of Mail on Mac OS X, you have a single interface to check the emails from all your email accounts.
It will be interesting to see when Apple introduces the universal inbox feature in iPhone OS. I guess the earliest we can expect this feature is
, which is expected to be released in June along with Apple ’s
Tuaw is reporting that he has also responded to another email from their reader who had asked if there was a way to transfer Google Docs to the iPad through iWork.com or iDisk.
His answer was again a simple “Yes”. He seems to have replied to both these email using his
It's quite amazing to see a company CEO personally responding to customer email. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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