iPhone App Store Now Available As a Facebook Application

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on iTunes, the App Store Facebook application lets users to sort through the 160,000+ apps on the App Store and view the list of free and paid applications under each category separately. The Featured tab on the application pulls all the data from the Featured section on the iTunes App Store and in doing so, offers nearly all the features available on the App Store inside the Facebook page. Considering the enormous popularity of gaming applications on the iPhone , the App Store Facebook page also has a dedicated section for
In addition to all this, the application also has an interesting '
' feature that not only lets you to search for iPhone apps, but also offers users an easy way to share their favorite iPhone apps with their Facebook friends or proceed to the App Store to make a purchase.
Writing about the launch on their blog, Vitrue has revealed that the company worked with the Apple iTunes team for their ”
strategic guidance, creative design, solution development and account management
“. The company has also indicated that a lot more features shall be added to the application over the next few months that will make it easier for users to sort through the thousands of apps on the App Store as well as discover apps that their friends like.
Vitrue's App Store Facebook app looks pretty useful and we are quite sure that you will like the application. Check the application page by
and let us know your opinion.

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