iPad Features: DRM-Free ePub Support; VoiceOver For iBooks

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Besides this, another expected but useful feature is the iPad's support for DRM-free ebooks in the ePub format. With this, users will be able to seamlessly add DRM-free ebooks to their collection by dragging them into iTunes and syncing with the iPad.
Additionally, the iPad would also offer support to VoiceOver on the
. As you might have guessed, the VoiceOver functionality on iPhone OS enables text-to-speech conversion from any screen on the iPhone or iPad.
However, the VoiceOver feature could be a controversial add-on asAmazon had run into some rough weather launching a similar text-to-speech feature on Kindle. It had sparked off protests from ebook publishers who insisted that they should be paid additional audio-licensing fee in return for the provision of such a feature. Since then Amazon made the feature optional for authors. It will be interesting to see how Apple handles this issue. Incidentally, Apple has called the iBooks' VoiceOver option as a feature that will ”
We feel suchminorfeatures can go a long way in making the iPad experience a lot more enjoyable for users. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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