iPad Display Test: iPad Vs iPhone 3GS Vs MacBook Pro Vs Dell Inspiron Mini 10

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The results are interesting.
has noted that the display quality on the iPad is apparently much better than what is observed on the other Apple devices as well as from the Dell Inspiron display. For instance, the display of black was much stronger on the iPad compared to iPhone 3GS and Dell Inspiron though it did match the display on MacBook Pro. Similarly, the iPad displayed a ”
” white compared to the other iDevices though it marginally fell short of the display of white on Dell Inspiron. The iPad's display is also seen to be ”
” across the rest of the color ranges.
additionally makes a few other interesting observations. Comparing the pixel density on the iPad's display (132ppi) with those on the iPhone (163ppi) and MacBook Pro (113ppi), the article claims that the relatively high pixel density of the iPad as well as the larger text size on the device prevents aliasing in onscreen text. However, the article also echoes the problem faced by a lot of iPad users who have found it difficult to prevent their greasy hands from spoiling the display of the iPad.
Do you agree with the conclusions drawn from the study? How would you compare the iPad display with the iPhone 's? Let us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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