Initial Sales: Original iPhone Vs Nexus One Vs Motorola Droid

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sold just 135,000 handsets in the first 74 days post launch. This is in stark contrast to the over 1 million handsets that Apple sold in the 74 days after the iPhone first went on sale on June 29, 2007. Calling the estimated sale numbers of Nexus One ”
“, Flurry notes that the reasons for the subdued figures could be because of ”
unconventional choices in marketing, pricing and distribution.
Interestingly, Flurry's report also notes that
seemed to have edged out both the Nexus One and iPhone in the number of sales made in its first 74 days. As depicted in the chart below, Verizon sold 1.05 million Motorola Droid handsets in the first 74 days.
While Google's decision to take product distribution completely online may have back-fired, it also needs to be noted that the three devices were launched under extremely different circumstances. Apple 's initial sale was affected by the high $499/$599 price point while Motorola Droid was helped by the high number of purchases in the holiday season. Also, Nexus One's launch that followed soon after the end of holiday season may have resulted in Google losing a significant number of Android users to Motorola Droid that launched just a couple of months earlier.
Do you think it is appropriate to call the Nexus One a flop? Do you think the availabilityof Nexus One on all four carriers (which was announced today) improve sales of Nexus one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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