How To Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.3 Using PwnageTool For iPhone 2G Users

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may void your warranty and hence proceed only at your own risk.
This guide is only applicable for iPhone 2G users. iPhone 3G users can refer to this step by
Please take a backup of your iPhone ,
for more details.
After you have successfully jailbroken your iPhone , please checkout our article on
PwnageTool is only available for Mac users. Windows users who want to jailbreak their iPhone 2G can use
To start with, you will need the bootloader files, IPSW firmware files and the Pwnage tool. Click here (
” in your computer desktop.
Double click on the Pwnage 3.1.5 application to launch the PwnageTool application. Drag the PwnageTool icon to the Pwnage folder on your desktop.
Double click the PwnageTool icon to launch it. Click on the '
' button if presented with a warning.
From the top menu bar, choose the
option (the option with the picture of Einstein on it).
You are now prompted to select your iPhone model. The iPhone 2G users will need to click on the first iPhone in the link which is simply named '
Once you click on the blue arrow button at the bottom of the page, you will be asked to '
'. If the application does not detect your .ipsw file, click on the Browse button to manually select the file from the '
' folder and press the blue button to continue.
The application now displays the firmware bundle customization menu. Select the '
' option and press the blue button to proceed.
Under the General settings, check the 'Activate the phone' and 'Enable baseband update' options (if the
checkbox is not greyed out, select it. This will allow you to unlock your iPhone 2G). Also, select a Root partition size of 590 MB and press the blue arrow to continue.
The application should display the Bootneuter settings options. Check the '
', '
Auto delete
' options and click on the blue arrow button.
It is not necessary to upgrade the bootloader unless you want to upgrade to 4.6.
' option. Select the '
' button. Choose the '
' package and click on the blue arrow button to continue.
Skip the Custom Packages Settings by clicking the blue arrow button.
You are now prompted to choose a custom logo for your package. Please remember to upload only pictures that are in the RGB or grayscale format and under the dimension of 320×480. If you want, you can select one logo each for the Boot mode and Recovery mode or skip this step by clicking on the blue arrow to proceed.
The application now displays the firmware bundle customization menu. Click on Build and press the blue arrow. Press '
' if prompted to search the web for the Bootloader file.
You will now be asked to browse for Bootloader v3.9 and Bootloader v4.6 files. Click on '
' folder on the desktop.
You will now be asked to confirm if you are a legitimate user. If you wish to keep your iPhone unlocked, click '
You can now save your custom .ipsw file to your 'Pwnage folder'. It will take close to 10 minutes for the .ipsw file to be built.
PwnageTool will now prompt you to enter your admin credentials. Enter the username and password and press OK.
The application will now ask you if your iPhone has been pwned already. Click on '
You will now require to turn your iPhone off. Ensure that your device is connected to the USB port and then turn your device off.
Follow the instructions offered on the screen. You will first be required to press the Home and Power buttons on your iPhone for ten seconds followed by pressing the Home button alone for 10 seconds.
You can now unplug the iPhone from the USB. Restart your iPhone and plug the device back into the USB.
You will then be prompted to turn the device off.
The device will now enter the DFU mode. You will also notice iTunes pop-up. While on iTunes, hold the Alt/Option button and click on the '
This is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP as just pressing the “Restore” button will result in restoring your iPhone with the latest firmware which is firmware 3.1.2 currently, by holding down Alt/Option button, allows you choose the custom iPhone firmware file.
You will now be shown a dialog window that will prompt you to select the .ipsw file. Select the
.ipsw file that you just built from the Pwnage folder and click '
Once the restore is completed, will launch and let you unlock your iPhone . The process will take nearly 5 minutes. Once done, the iPhone will restart and your iPhone 2G should be jailbroken.
We hope you found the tutorial useful. Do try it out on your iPhone 2G and let us know how it goes.

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